Rui... that's me...

People who don't know me think I'm quiet, People who know me wish I was...


blah blah blah~
yosh! rui here...
me, not being the ‘studying’ type. i’m currently working part-time as a sales assistant and looking for a 2nd one! ;) not a very interesting life i know but very satisfied i am! with my long long wish list such as a trip to japan~ really need to start saving!XD
a huge fan of music, i spend most of my free-time listening to music or watching performances by my favourite artists! <3 Loving Girls’ Generation! Finds happiness in photoshop, fashion, hairstyling. Only when time and mood is there! Watches mostly animations such as bleach, yugioh, princess tutu~ mickey mouse is love...adore watching classic Disney films!
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